Monday, 12 May 2014

D.I.Y Natural way to lighten your hair

I am obsessed with having my hair  a caramel golden brown colour & trust me when i say 

" I have used so many hair dyes to get it that way"

I have been searching for the perfect ingredients, to lighten hair, apart from Lemons & here it is! So exciting! I LOVE this method, it is easy, natural, organic, but the BEST bit is, your hair smells so YUMMY!

Ingredients used:
Raw Honey:
Raw honey will leave your hair feeling soft & conditioned, but not only that! Honey contains natural hydrogen peroxide, this is an agent used when lightening the hair! 

Cinnamon & Olive Oil:
Both these ingredients will help activate the peroxide even more! Olive oil will also help to condition your hair!

Water :
The amount of water you need, just depends on your hair length. I use Half a glass, if you have longer hair or want to do the whole head, then a full glass is perfect

Check out my D.I.Y Tutorial on how I naturally lighten my hair!

Enjoy naturally lightening your hair!

Raji xo


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