Sunday, 20 April 2014

Reduce Rosacea Acne & erase blemishes with Fenugreek Tea

Fenugreek is known to heal many conditions! Before I tell you how to have it for Rosacea Acne & Blemishes, let me just tell you a little bit about it!

Fenugreek contains : Protein Vitamin C & Potassium
It is known to help lessen the effect of hot flushes & mood swings. So perfect for ladies!
Helps to treat Asthma Bronchitis & Improve Digestion

As much as it helps for all of the above, it is brilliant for Rosacea Acne & Blemishes, it helps to reduce rosacea & acne! Double thumbs up!

Before I tell you how to have the tea, i must STRESS, do NOT take this if you are pregnant!

Now onto the tea :)

You can either use Fenugreek leaves or the seeds, if you use the leaves, please make sure it is FRESH

Simply get a hand full of leaves or a hand full of seeds, putting them into a mug or pan & add hot water!
Allow the water & fenugreek to create their magic
Then drink!! :D

If you want to pour the water into another mug, you can do, so you have no fenugreek in the tea. Either way is perfect!

Enjoy & thank you for reading!

Raji xo

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