Monday, 10 September 2012

Indian Bridal Facial Mask

We all want glowing skin no matter the time of year or ocassion, so this mask is not only for the lovely brides out there, but also for us ladies who want fresh glowing skin!

This mask is actually what we make in Indian weddings! The bride and groom, get rubbed from top to bottom with this mask, to get that glowing fresh look!

The recipe:
1 cup of chickpea flour or plain flour
3 tablespoons of turmeric (powder form)
Almond oil ( now you need enough to form a paste)

Step by step:
Mix all the ingredients together till you get a paste, it should not be too thick or thin.. Im sure you will know when it is right!

Apply to the face, neck and chest, then let is sit there for around 5 minutes. Then wash with luke warm water in circular motion, it will add to the exfoliating part and pat towel dry!

This will give you fresh glowing skin! Its not too harsh for your skin either!

Have fun trying this mask out! Let me know how it goes!


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