Monday, 10 September 2012

Home Peach Facial

We all want to look and feel good, but at times going to a salon to get our facials done is too much!

Here is a quick home facial that everyone can do, the best part is you only need ONE thing! A peach!

Get one fresh peach and cut a slice out. Rub the slice all over the face and let the juice sit for around 20 minutes!

* Best to do this layed down*

Once it has been on your beautiful face for 20 minutes, rinse it all off with luke warm water and pat dry

Ta-da! You're done!

Now here are the benefits!
Peaches contain vitamins A & C, so it is really good for nourishing new skin cells, as well as removing deal skin cells!
It also unclogs pores
Lightens blemishes
Reduces wrinkles
Keeps your skin feeling firm and looking fresh!

So ladies do give this a go and let me know how it goes!


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